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AssurIoT High-Value Asset Monitoring System Assure your peace of mind

Manage, Track, and Protect Your Most Valued Assets

ASSURIoT offers an exclusive, private, high-value asset management system that monitors, tracks and protects your most prized possessions. ASSURIoT also provides a complete asset cataloging system and leverages state-of-the-art IoT technology designed for your personal use. ASSURIoT ensures your most treasured high-value assets are where you store them, sends an alert if they move, and tracks them if necessary.

With ASSURIoT, privacy, security, and peace of mind are assured.

Global Service: GPS, Cell, Wi-Fi, NFC

Connect Anywhere, Anytime. ASSURIoT uses best available networks to ensure your peace of mind

Rest assured… up to 4 year battery life

Industry-leading lifespan, and rechargeable for a lifetime of security.

Manage all your assets in one elegant app

Track unlimited high-value assets in the most comprehensive asset management application.

Travel The World, With Confidence

Experience everything life has to offer — knowing your assets are safe and where you left them.

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Track and Manage All Your Assets In One Place

ASSURIoT combines the leading asset management app with newest tracking devices for your protection.

Finally there is an easy way to manage all your most valuable assets in one handy application, and track them with a powerful Internet of things (IoT) device that ensures your assets are cataloged and protected.

Manage All Your Assets in One App

Keep all your asset-related information in one handy app.  Easy access to images, purchase receipts, values, insurance information, storage details and more

State of the Art IoT Device

Using the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology, and the highest levels of security and privacy, ASSURIoT tells you your assets are safe and where you left them — until they’re not, then it helps you find and protect them!

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Peace of Mind

With all your valuable assets in ASSURIoT, never worry again when they are out of sight. With ASSURIoT, privacy, security, and peace of mind are assured.

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Private. Secure.

We know you value your privacy and security.  Your information is safe and protected with military-grade security. We will never sell or share your data so you can rest assured.

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