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Track and Manage All Your Assets

Assuriot combines the leading asset management app with newest tracking devices for your protection. Keep all your asset-related information in one handy app.  Easy access to images, purchase receipts, values, insurance information, storage details and more.

Manage an Unlimited Number of Assets and Tracking Devices in One Application!

AssurIoT Asset Management Software

Use the AssurIoT high-value asset management mobile application to manage all your most precious assets, with or without tracking devices (separate purchase required for device tracking). Keep all your assets safe, secure, and protected. 

  • Manage unlimited assets (and devices) for one low fee
  • Catalog and store all relevant asset information
  • See that your assets are safe anytime, anywhere
  • If they are threatened, Assuriot will help you find and protect them!

$25 monthly for unlimited assets or device management!

Create a Definitive Record of Your Most Valuable Assets

Do you have assets you care about in various locations? A summer home? A car storage facility? Do you have assets you treasure that you want to record in case you need to access insurance, valuation, or other vital details? What happens if your assets are threatened: Do you have all the details, pictures, and records you need to protect them?

The ASSURIoT App is the one place to easily and quickly store all your vital asset information, so you have it when you need it.  Add AssurIoT Tracking devices to as many specific assets as you need to be assured they are where you left them and safe.

Combined, the ASSURIoT App and Trackers are the most comprehensive and secure platform for managing your most important assets — you’ve worked hard to accumulate the things that matter to you.  Rest assured they are safe, with AssurIoT.