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Article: Optimizing Asset Monitoring: Where to Place a GPS Tracker on Your Car

Interior view of a luxury car with red leather seats, steering wheel, and dashboard.

Optimizing Asset Monitoring: Where to Place a GPS Tracker on Your Car

Protecting high-value assets, especially classic cars, luxury automobiles, and other valuable vehicles, is a must for all owners. These are your prized possessions, and you want to know they’re properly cared for. GPS trackers have become an essential tool in asset monitoring, providing owners with real-time data and peace of mind. However, not all of them are created equal, and finding the best place to position a GPS tracker for optimal security and monitoring can be tricky.

ASSURIoT’s GPS tracker offers unparalleled flexibility in positioning while assuring your prized vehicle remains protected without compromising security. It stands out from other options thanks to its small size, shape, and industry-leading battery life of up to four years.


Understanding GPS Technology in Asset Tracking

GPS, short for Global Positioning System, operates by transmitting signals to and from satellites, which allows the integrated technology to pinpoint its location accurately. This information is then sent to asset tracking software, enabling owners to view location history, receive real-time alerts, and set up geofencing capabilities. “Geofencing” refers to the ability to draw a “virtual fence” around the storage location of an asset and be alerted if the asset should leave the “fence” around the object’s location. For collectors and owners of luxury cars, the assurance that comes with GPS tracking provides significant security and peace of mind.

ASSURIoT utilizes the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), which enables higher accuracy and reliability in location determination by tapping into a broad network of satellite constellations, including the GPS satellite network, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou. These satellites orbit the Earth and send continuous radio signals containing data about their position and the current time. By employing a GNSS receiver module, our devices can capture these signals from any available satellite constellation within range — not just GPS — ensuring broader global coverage. The receiver calculates its distance from each satellite based on the time delay of these signals. By processing data from at least four different satellites, the receiver can pinpoint its exact location with enhanced precision.

This capacity to connect with multiple satellite systems allows GNSS to offer significant improvements in accuracy, redundancy, and availability of positioning data, providing dependable location-tracking capabilities under various global conditions.

ASSURIoT’s innovative asset monitoring and tracking device adds additional layers of industry-leading technology to its GPS functionality, providing further monitoring and location assurance. This includes cellular, wifi and Bluetooth communications capabilities, along with industry-leading battery life, secure asset documentation, and intuitive mobile interfaces. It’s the ultimate choice for individuals seeking to assure the security of their high-value assets.


Understanding the Need: Car Theft Trends and GPS Tracking Benefits

Car theft is at epidemic levels, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Luxury vehicles and vintage cars are particularly targeted due to their high value and desirability. GPS tracking is a deterrent to thieves while providing owners with actionable data in the event of a theft.

ASSURIoT’s geofencing capabilities, real-time alerts, and global connectivity assure immediate action can be taken if a vehicle is moved without authorization. By leveraging this state-of-the-art technology, individuals with beloved vehicles and prized collections can protect their valuable automobiles with unparalleled security, removing the uncertainty around the best way to monitor luxury assets.


Best Locations for GPS Trackers on Your Vehicle

ASSURIoT GPS trackers are unique due to their small size and lightweight compared to other trackers on the market. They don’t require cutting the wiring of the vehicle to install and can be easily mounted with the included non-marring, two-sided tape, velcro, and magnet mounting options. Due to their small size, they don’t require mounting screws or other invasive mounting options. Unlike ASSURIoT, other options also have limited battery life, requiring frequent recharging or replacement, which can compromise long-term monitoring, especially for offsite collections or vehicles in storage facilities.

Here are some of the best places to install GPS trackers:

    • Under the Dashboard: Concealed behind the dashboard, it remains out of sight while providing an excellent vantage point for monitoring.
    • In the Trunk: This out-of-sight option provides secure placement without compromising effectiveness.
    • Within the Engine Bay: For high-security tracking, placing the GPS tracker in the engine bay makes it difficult for thieves to find.
    • Under the Seats or Carpet: Hidden yet accessible, this location provides easy access for maintenance while remaining undetectable.
    • In Wheel Wells or Rear Bumpers: These innovative and difficult-to-find placements provide additional security while deterring detection.


Who Can Benefit from GPS Tracking in Their Car?

Individual owners, insurance companies, leasing agents, and financial institutions can all benefit from GPS tracking on vehicles. By providing additional security measures for high-value vehicles, they can reduce risks and better protect their investments.

Transportation, storage, and auction companies also find GPS tracking invaluable as a risk reduction strategy. With ASSURIoT’s intuitive mobile interface, organizations can monitor the movement and status of high-value assets seamlessly, assuring our customers’ peace of mind with the use of top-tier asset tracking software.


Beyond GPS: The ASSURIoT Difference in Asset Monitoring and GPS Tracking

ASSURIoT offers a comprehensive asset monitoring solution that goes beyond standard GPS tracking. Its industry-leading battery life allows you to set it and forget it for up to four years.

The exclusive ASSURIoT system integrates seamlessly into the lives of high-net-worth individuals and collectors, providing secure, accurate, and private monitoring of their most valuable possessions, available at-a-glance on your mobile device. Here's what sets ASSURIoT apart:

    • Global Reach: The GPS tracker utilizes GPS, cellular, and Wi-Fi communications to deliver the widest available global connectivity, assuring your assets remain monitored no matter where they are.
    • Highest Security: With encryption and non-traceable monitoring, ASSURIoT assures the highest level of privacy and security for your treasured vehicles and other valuable assets.
    • Industry-Leading Battery Life: With up to four years of battery life, ASSURIoT's GPS tracker offers uninterrupted monitoring without requiring frequent recharging or replacement.
    • Effortlessly Deployed: Multiple mounting options make the tracker non-intrusive, secure, and easy to naturally conceal while protecting the integrity and aesthetics of your vehicle.
    • Visual, Map-Based Interface: The mobile interface offers a user-friendly and intuitive visual, map-based monitoring system that helps you keep a close eye on your vehicle at all times.
    • Single and Multi-Asset Monitoring: Whether you own a single car or a collection, ASSURIoT makes it easy to monitor and manage your vehicles using a single system.
    • Comprehensive Catalog Feature: ASSURIoT also serves as a digital catalog for your prized possessions, allowing you to securely store photos, important insurance information, and other relevant details all in one place — practical for organizing your assets, aiding in recovery or insurance claims, while providing an enjoyable way to showcase your collection to friends.


Securing Your High-Value Assets with ASSURIoT

Whether you need to protect a single car or an entire collection, ASSURIoT is your partner in highlighting the benefits of monitoring your high-value assets. Its advanced GPS and IoT technology, along with a comprehensive asset management system, offer assurance, helping you monitor, track, and protect what matters most.

Secure your vehicles and other high-value assets today with ASSURIoT's tracker and monitoring system, and rest assured that your possessions remain exactly where you store them.

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