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Includes 5 years of IoT connectivity


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High-Value Asset Monitoring System

AssurIoT offers an exclusive, private, high-value asset management system that monitors, tracks and protects your most prized possessions. AssurIoT also provides a complete asset cataloging system and leverages state-of-the-art IoT technology designed for your personal use. AssurIoT ensures your most treasured high-value assets are where you store them, sends an alert if they move, and tracks them if necessary.

Global Reach

GPS, Cell, Wi-fi communications

In an increasingly interconnected world, Assuriot's multifaceted approach ensures that tracking and monitoring reach unprecedented levels of accuracy and reliability. Leveraging GPS technology, it provides real-time location data with pinpoint precision, making it an invaluable tool for asset tracking, logistics management, and personal safety. Simultaneously, its seamless integration with cellular networks guarantees uninterrupted connectivity across vast distances, facilitating remote tracking even in the most remote or challenging environments. Moreover, Assuriot intelligently harnesses Wi-Fi networks to enhance tracking precision in urban areas and indoor environments, ensuring that no location remains concealed. In a world where real-time information is critical, Assuriot's global reach empowers businesses, individuals, and organizations to make informed decisions and optimize their operations with unmatched confidence and efficiency.

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